Cross Doorhanger From Start to Finish Tutorial

My Aunt called the other day, her daughter has just moved into her new dorm room, and she wanted to give her a door-hanger… We talked about what she was thinking about, and she really wasn’t sure, except she knew that (probably since she has a roomate) she didn’t want anything with initials on it…. She was thinking maybe a cross. Well, it was the perfect opportunity for me, because I’ve had a plan for a new cross design rolling around in my mind. A neutral one, with interchangeable pendants for different seasons, etc… So, now I’m excited to walk y’all through my process step-by-step! Here goes!

The First thing I did was to draw out my design. I drew it out on cardstock.  I wanted my sides to be pretty much symmetrical, so I folded my cross in half and then cut out both sides at the same time, so they weould be perfectly even.


After that, I laid my cross cut out onto my handy-dandy projector (given to me by my fellow crafting librarian friend, Carol. Thanks Ms. Carol!!!) I propped my plywood up against the wall, got it about the size I was looking for, focused and then I traced the outline.

Now I was ready to get out my jigsaw and cut.

Next I covered my cross in a base coat-front and back. I wanted to do a light grey for the base.

While that was drying, I started working on weeding the morrocan trellis pattern that I had cut out on my Silhouette machine. Actually to get this pattern,( I stole it from the Roman shades in my kitchen. Made by me! Thank you for the tutorial, Terra @SimplyMrs.Edwards!!)

But, to get the pattern, I snapped a picture of them and uploaded it onto my computer, opened it in Studio, and traced the pattern in the picture. (More on how to do this here.) Then (after tweaking things to get it like I wanted) I cut it out onto a piece of cardstock. This stencil pretty much weeded itself, thankfully my blade is sharp! [If you don’t have a die cut machine, just buy yourself a stencil! Walmart, or any craft supply store will carry them.]

Before stenciling the design onto the cross, I sanded the basecoat and the edges front and back.


So I got the stenciling done, and after I did a happy dance….’and then flipped it over and added a little pizzaz to the back..


(Please do not judge me based on my paint covered fingers, I know it’s gross, but I washed them right after this picture!) Things weren’t exactly perfect when it came to the stencil, but I am ok with that. I call my business Old South Originals, not Old South Perfectionism!! Thank the Lord! I was going to sand one more time anyway, which would erase some of the bleed. Plus, I’m going to do a little dry brushing with the lighter grey to add a little more flava to my paint finish!

To Dry Brush: Take a stiff bristly brush. Get a little paint on the tip. Wipe it off on a clean part of your paint plate. (You might want to get some paper towels or an old rag and test your brush before you start. Just to make sure you’ve got the amount of paint that you want. It only needs to be a tiny bit—the brush is almost dry!!! #hencethetechniquenamedrybrushing  🙂 🙂 🙂



I had cut out two pendants earlier a round one, and a _____??? If anyone knows what this shape is called, please fill me in… I call it the “Maurices” But apparently, they’ve changed their logo to a simpler style, because it’s nowhere to be found on their website, except on this credit card application page. Anywho, this shape will always be Maurices to me:-)maurices credit card Then I painted two of the pendants I had cut out earlier.  So with the Maurices shape, I just folded a piece of cardstock into fourths and freehanded my 1/4 shape, cut it out while still folded into fourths. Unfolded and voila. Then I traced my Maurices shape onto a piece of plywood. Cut it out with my handy dandy jiw-saw, and voila! A beautiful pendant shape! IMG_3568.JPG

I also cut out a circle, which I traced from the bottom of a cereal bowl. You don’t have to say anything, I already know–Genius right?! Or, you could use a compass. Both work well!

Then i painted both of these pendant shapes. After the paint dried, I sanded the surface and the edges. Don’t skip this step! It will take your work from: Meh… to WOWZA!!! (Just sayin!)IMG_3580.JPG

img_3583.jpgNOW ! The Fun Begins!!

I am ready to letter my “Maurices” pendant!!!! I already know what I want it to say. This one is going to say “welcome.” Now, there are a few ways I can go about doing this. I could cut vinyl, which is a good way to do it… I could do a stencil, or an image transfer… OR, I could hand letter it, which is what i am going to do. I love hand lettering. It is perfect when you want to be creative and the design doesn’t require perfect uniformity.

I opened up a few fun fonts in my silhouette studio program, in the word I was using, just for reference:


Then I free-handed it:


Next Comes Paint! I really don’t know why I originally painted these shapes with grey, (probably because I really didn’t know what I was going to do) BUT, the grey underneath adds a nice layer that peeks through at the sanded edges, so It worked out… So, I actually painted over what I had sketched in above, and re-lettered my welcome pendant.

Then painted my letters.img_3592.jpg

For these lightweight, interchangeable pendants, a simple piece of velcro will do the trick! So, I added velcro to my cross and on the back of the pendant. (I also designed a few more pendants, which you can see below!!!)

I drilled  holes for the wire hanger, added wire and a bow, and we are all done!!!! Yay! Now my niece has her pretty doorhanger! @livelaughloveinhim

The finished product:

welcome crossOSO BE THANKFUL CROSSPendantsOSO Merry ChristmasHeart Cross OSO

I am planning on designing more pendants to list on Etsy for different occasions. This cross is budget friendly, because the pendants are priced cheap! It makes for a quick cheap update to your decor! If you loooove this door hanger, {like I do!!} but don’t have time to make one for yourself, I would love to make you one!!!! Here’s the link to my Etsy shop: OldSouthOriginals. Or, just drop me an email

Thanks for supporting my small business, and/or for reading! Happy Crafting! I like to hear from y’all, so please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!!!  Valeria




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